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Garage DoorFinding trusted garage door assistance isn't always easy. Many contractors offer garage door replacement or installation as a "side service" along with home building or remodeling. There are also handymen that do a little of everything...including working on garage doors! Then there are those companies that specialize in garages and build custom garages, doors and features. These companies can usually help you get exactly what you want with little hassle, but expect to pay a little more for customization. You might plan to install or repair a garage door yourself. Check with local home improvement stores that sell garage doors and parts for the necessary materials.

Garage Door Repair In Your Community

Our site can point you in the right direction when seeking garage door repair in your community. We have included easy-to-click maps and links-all geared to make it easy to find garage installation, maintenance and repair services in your local area. Just select the state and region on our maps, then click links to view contact information for a local service. Call to compare prices and availability. Garage door repair should be completed by a professional for safety purposes, and we can help you find the right person for the job.

Garage Door Openers

Locate Garage DoorsIt's good to know what types are available when shopping for garage door openers. These are available in various styles, and garage door installation pricing will vary greatly based on what type you purchase. Garage door openers come with one of three types of drives-a belt system, a screw drive or a chain drive. The horsepower varies as well. Standard two-car openers usually have 1/2 horsepower whereas 3/4 horsepower might be necessary for heavy-duty doors. Other factors that will make a difference include the door size and height, security features, manual or garage door remotes, keyless entry pads, battery backup features, and wall controls. Check around to compare garage door openers and what local installers can offer within your budget.

Garage Door Options

Garage door options are many, and you can easily become overwhelmed when comparing styles, materials and even installation options. That's why it's important to do a little research and investigate several local installers before moving forward. Our site enables you to click state and regional maps depending on where you live, and find a local installer for residential garage doors. Once you find an installer, discuss your options such as the type of garage drive (screw, chain or belt), remote or manual doors, metal or wooden garage doors, overhead garage doors, security features, etc. Then discuss garage door prices for the materials and labor. Doing a bit of research using the resources here will help you avoid overspending on your project while finding the best quality garage doors you can buy.

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Garage Doors

Use the map below to locate a garage door agent by first selecting the state. Once you select a state you will be taken to a page where you have the option to select a section of the state where garage door resources are listed by city within that section. There you can find contact information.

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